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    Global trustworthy construction machinery solution service provider!
    Concrete Equipment
    Concrete Equipment
    XCMG concrete machinery’s complete set of solutions include concrete mixing station, concrete mixing transport vehicle, concrete pumping machinery and shotcrete truck required for centralized concrete mixing. A complete closed industrial chain of concrete machinery is formed, truly realizing complete set of and sustainable full-line products in this field.
    • Concrete Pump Truck
      Concrete Pump Truck
      The new generation of XCMG "V7-series" concrete pump trucks, with the top technology of Schwing, Germany and German manufacturing process standard used, have the advantages of the advanced technology, excellent performance, high reliability and super durability.
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    • Concrete Mixing Transport Vehicle
      Concrete Mixing Transport Vehicle
      The new generation of XCMG "V7-series" lightweight concrete mixing transport vehicles, with the brand new XCMG Hanvan chassis, G5 cab, and classic golden power chain equipped, are safe, comfortable, reliable and economical. The vehicle continues the classic style, makes innovations and has outstanding performance in energy saving & environmental protection, convenient maintenance, safe operation and efficient management.
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    • Concrete Shotcrete Truck
      Concrete Shotcrete Truck
      The new generation of XCMG "V7-series" concrete shotcrete trucks are characterized by the wide range of spraying, stable operation, accurate positioning, small reversing impact, less rebound, good spraying flatness, leading technology, excellent performance, high reliability and super durability.
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    • Vehicle-mounted Concrete Pump Truck
      Vehicle-mounted Concrete Pump Truck
      The new generation of XCMG "V7-series" vehicle-mounted concrete pump trucks, characterized by easy moving, flexibility, strong power, high pumping pressure, low cost, high reliability and super durability, apply to small high-rise and high-rise concrete pumping.
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    • Trailer Concrete Pump
      Trailer Concrete Pump
      The new generation of XCMG "V7-series" trailer concrete pumps, used for modern construction equipment constructed by continuous concrete pouring, have outstanding advantages of high reliability, easy maintenance and low cost.
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    • New Generation of Concrete Mixing Plant
      New Generation of Concrete Mixing Plant
      The new generation of concrete mixing plant, with commercial concrete plant series, mixing plant series and engineering station series covered, locates at the high-end market, tailors integrated solutions, and resolves personalized problems of environmental protection, site and technology of customers, so as to fully meet the customized requirements.
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